Paul Louis Mergier dinanderie Vase

Paul Louis Mergier (1891-1986)
A tall art deco dinanderie vase.
Stunning scene of art deco stylized figures and musicians.
Still in excellent condition. These dinanderie pieces are very fragile and extremely
hard to find in such condition.

34cm high. 22cm diameter.

Bibliography Dominique & Marie-Cécile FOREST: La Dinanderie française 1900-1950. Paris. Les Editions de l'Amateur. 1996. See p.217-220 s.n. Paul-Louis MERGIER.

Paul Louis Mergier was french artist specialized in Enamel work and Dinanderie. (mostly from 1926 to 1930).
He used to work for Evolution and Goldscheider editor.
Inspired by Antique Greek art, but also by geometrical cubism.
REFERENCE: merg0809