Rare Etienne Vilotte / Ciboure art deco ceramic

Etienne Vilotte (1881-1957). Ciboure Pottery. 

A rare and fine art deco neo greek pattern Ciboure ceramic by Etienne Vilotte.
Circa 1925. Excellent condition.
19cm high.

Karl Lagarfeld was an important collector of Ciboure Neo Greek art deco pattern ceramics. About this particular neo greek production and the 3 founders of Ciboure Pottery (including Vilotte), here is what he said :
"They have since been highly sought after for their perfect beauty. These three potters have created an idealized image of the ancient world, reinterpreting centuries-old manufacturing methods, and artfully redrawing the erotic or rural scenes which called for green vases. A certain innocence and naive cutting edge of these masterpieces, all based on the illusion of such a distant time. "