Sylvestre & Delannoy for Maison Susse editor desk set

Exquisite 1920's Paul Silvestre (1884-1976) little faun mounted on Maurice Delannoy (1885-1972) desk accessories set.
All pieces made of bronze, signed Silvestre or Delannoy and inscribed with Susse foudry mark.
As always for this editor, very high quality of foundry and chasing.
Excellent condition.
Not visible on my pictures, there are two small glass pots for ink inside bronze inkwells. I have the original ones. One is perfect, the other have a chip. These glass pots are not visible when inkwell bronze part cover are closed.
Inkwell alone is 27cm x 11.5cm x 12cm
REFERENCE: desk2401
sold 11 2019 (USA)
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