P.L MERGIER dinanderie lamp vase. Art deco rare find

Paul-Louis MERGIER (1891-1986)

Circa 1930 art deco metal dinanderie vase / lamp with horse riders pattern.
Excellent condition.
Vase is 34cm .
If set lamp total heigh with shade would be about 65/70cm.
(Originally this piece was a lamp. I have all the original pieces. But previous owner prefered to display it as a vase, as you can see on most of my pictures).

Rare find..
Paul Louis Mergier was french artist specialized in Enamel work and Dinanderie. (mostly from 1926 to 1930).
He used to work for Evolution and Goldscheider editor.
Inspired by Antique Greek art, but also by geometrical cubism, the vase we propose here is one of a kind piece in his work.