Louis Peronne oil on canvas. Modigliani era.

Louis Peronne. (1892-1963)

Large oil on canvas of a reclining woman.
81cm x 60cm
This painting is double side. A portrait on the other side.
Signed on top left corner.
When I bought it, this painting showed few damages. (mostly wear on colors). It is now professionally restored and ready to display.

Louis Peronne.

Exhibitor at the Salon des Independants and Tuileries.
Louis Péronne rubbed shoulders with the famous painters of his time and possessed a real small museum with paintings by Picasso, Suzanne Valadon (a woman in front of a bed), Gen Paul, George Grosz.
Peronne is listed in the Benezit
His paintings are unforgettable and his painting is close to Modigliani (the man-orchestra, prostitutes, nudes, Christ, Madonnas, sailors, musicians, musicians, violinists, carnivals, acrobats, clowns, the man with the whip ... etc. )
After his suicide, the city of Pantin, to honor this great painter, had organized in the city hall, a retrospective exhibition of his paintings that came from collectors all around the world.
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sold 04 2019 (USA)
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