8 reasons to buy art deco antiques

1- Art Deco: A Sympathetic Style for Modern Homes

Apart from its heritage, perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to buy Art Deco is because of its sympathy with contemporary design: synonymous with sleek curves and uninterrupted planes, Art Deco sits easily and confidently alongside modern furnishings and floor-plans : whether you are looking for a lamp-stand to go with your modern sitting room, or a bronze sculpture to compliment your minimalist sideboard, Art Deco is the obvious choice for practically any contemporary interior.

2- A globally Recognised Arts Movement

A further benefit to Art Deco is its global prestige. From the Empire State Building in New York, the Pavillon de Collectionneur in Paris, to the Senate House in London, Art Deco is a design language practised throughout the world. For the collector, this means every piece of objet d'art, regardless of market value, will take its place as a recognised part of an international arts movement.

3. A Significant Period in Design History

Alongside its worldwide reputation, Art Deco also represents part of art history: one of the first movements to break away from the classical styles of the 1800s, Art Deco heralded in a new age in which form and function operated in harmony, where only one or the other had dominated before. It is this combination of elegance, alongside rugged functionalism, that has earned Art Deco such lasting appeal.

4- A Highly Collectible Period in Design

Because of its relatively short life-span (1925-1940) Art Deco antiques are generally much scarcer than antiques from other periods, and are therefore highly collectible in comparison. But since many antiques from the Art Deco period have remained affordable, it is possible to buy sculptures, silverware, paintings, jewellery, and many other Art Deco pieces without having to spend huge amounts of money – a significant incentive for those on a budget or with an eye for a bargain.

5- A Sound Investment for the Future

Boasting a cultivated elegance that never goes out of fashion, an aesthetic perfectly suited to modern homes, and especially due to their low market value, Art Deco antiques continue to prove a sound investment. But while prices are still low compared to other art movements, prices in Art Deco pieces have already increased the past two years; a trend that looks set to continue well into the future. With considerable profits still to be made, now is no better time to invest in Art Deco period antiques.

6- Learn History via Art Appreciation

Learning about history is another benefit of collecting Art Deco antiques, and one which does not (perhaps happily for some!) does not necessarily require direct effort. By finding out about Art Deco, by extension, the Art Deco enthusiast will almost certainly learn about the political and social changes that permitted a movement like Art Deco to take centre stage. More than just a period 'style', Art Deco embodies many of the values and beliefs in a distinct period of history.

7- A Movement Encompassing Every Artistic Medium

Perhaps more so than any other period style, Art Deco represents a movement without boundaries: encompassing film, painting, architecture, fashion, and naturally the decorative arts as well, in its time, Art Deco influenced virtually every artistic medium available, and still continues to do so. From Fritz Lang's Metropolis and William F. Lamb's Empire State Building, to Van Cleef's rose-design bracelet and Coco Chanel's No. 5 perfume bottle, Art Deco is synonymous with creative icons working in practically every artistic medium.

8- Art Deco: A Trailblazer in Women's Emancipation

Though emerging during a period when the arts were largely dominated by men, Art Deco also appeared at a time when female emancipation was in full swing; where women began to demand equal acceptance. It is not surprising, then, that the movement was one of the first to recognise and celebrate the female artist: Coco Chanel, Marianne Brandt, Claire Colinet, Sonia Delaunay and Eileen Gray are just some of the names inseparable from the radical new arts movement now established the world over as 'Art Deco'.

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