Zuka. American painter. Oil on canvas. Buses in Paris

Zuka. (1924-2016)
(Zenaïda Gurievna Booyyakovitch)

Buses in Paris.
Oil on Canvas.
61cm 56cm
66cm 60.5cm with frame.

(1924, Los Angeles, USA - 2016, Paris, France)

Born in 1924 in Los Angeles to Russian parents, refugees of the Revolution, Zuka (Zenaïda Gurievna Booyyakovitch) was an American painter, who did not claim any art lineage but ? Braque, Picasso and Matisse. She was in the wake of their techniques and, perhaps, insureing their posterity. Collage of paper and oil painting. The tip of the paint brush stuck between her thumb and index finguer. A coincidence? Zuka had something to say. With daring colors, decorative exuberance, expressivness of characters, she displayed her originality and fantasy in the series of Amerindian collages, portraits of the French Revolution, of cows, birds, strawberries, etc.

In public collections :

  • Banques Bruxelles Lambert, Belgique.

  • Bernard Baruch Library, New York City.

  • Fonds national d'art contemporain, Paris.

  • France Telecom Inc., New York City.

  • Israël Museum, Jérusalem.

  • Louisiana State University Museum of Art, Louisiane.

  • Ministère des Télécommunications, Paris.

  • Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris, Paris.

  • Notre-Dame, Indiana.

  • Quaker Society, New York City.

  • Rockland Public Library, Rockland, Maine.

  • The Art Collection of the First National Bank of Chicago, Chicago.

  • Twentieth Century Fund, New York City.

Many more informations on wikipedia : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zuka

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