Streamlined tether car. Real engine. Aluminium. Alfa Romeo.

Circa 1950 original Tether car with real engine inside.

Tether Cars are model racing cars powered by miniature internal combustion engines and tethered to a central post.
Unlike radio control cars, the driver has no remote control over the model's speed or steering.

Made of aluminium. All original condition.... not tested. (Not sure to be competent for that).
Fantastic design close to Juan Manuel Fangio 1951 formula 1 Alfa Romeo.
I have made (few) researches about this car and who could be manufacturer. First I was thinking about American National, from Toledo Ohio. But it is more probably European manufacturer.
A rare find.

Not exactly toys, not exactly models, these cars are very sought after by collectors. 33cm.
Please follow this link for a fantastic 1950's video about tether cars : HERE

sold 07 2021 (UK)
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