S. YOURIEVITCH. "Natacha Nattova" tall bronze sculpture

Prince Serge YOURIEVITCH (1876-1969)

"Natacha Nattova"

A tall bronze sculpture of "Natacha Nattova" dancer. Wonderful genuine patina.

This bronze is tha tall 72cm version.

French. Circa 1920. Excellent condition.

72cm high.

A similar bronze sculpture, same dimension, was auctioned in USA in 2017 for more than 15000eur. A plaster model of this sculpture was exhibited at the Paris Salon d'Automne in 1923. The bronze statue commissioned by the city of Paris was exhibited at the Salon des Tuileries in 1924. Placed in Bry-sur-Marne in 1934, it was cast under the Vichy regime, within the framework of the mobilization of non-ferrous metals.

Prince Serge Youriévitch was a French sculptor of noble Russian birth, a statesman, writer, and one-time chamberlain to Emperor Nicholas II of Russia. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle described Youriévitch as a "Gentleman Farmer in Russia, Scientist in France, Diplomat in Russian Imperial Foreign Service, Painter, Etcher and Sculptor."

Natalia Schmit or Schmidt (1905-1988), wife Daks, known by the stage name of Natacha Nattova is an "acrobatic" dancer and music hall choreographer of Russian origin, naturalized American.

on hold 06 2022 (USA)
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