Josep Armengol. Bronze sculpture Lady with a basket.

Josep ARMENGOL (1891-1918)

Lady with a basket.

Bronze sculpture. Inscribed "FUNDICCION R. STACCIOLI"
A similar sculpture displayed in National Museum of Art of Catalunya.

Stunning foundry quality and Patina. R. Staccioli was important foundry in the 1910s 1920s. They also edited Pablo Gargallo sculptures.

Spanish. Circa 1915/1918.
32.5cm high.

See below a 1919 article about ARMENGOL. I (try to) translate it here in english :

'This artist died at the age to twenty six, in Terrassa, his native city. His artistic life was animated by the spiritual currents of the time, by the great restlessness of now, but wisely resolved by his pondered and serene spirit : His work was the result of this lite.... modern restlessness, sifted for the harmony, for the balance of his character.
The work, few in number, but very important in terms of quality, that the friends has bequeathed to us all, is of great fullness, especially his last figures in lost wax, with which Armengol will have achieved immortality.
Armengol was a gentleman who repudiated everything that was not weighted, why the vanity.'