Bela de Kristo : Bass Player

BELA DE KRISTO (1920-2006) : Bass Player

We just had this month the great opportunity to purchase 8 drawings by very famous cubist painter Bela de Kristo. All these drawings are sketches / drafts made by the hand of the artist and coming from his studio. All are stamped with the official Kristo red stamp. On the stamp is wroten "Atelier du Peintre De Kristo" and there is also the signature. Provenance is certified. I will provide an invoice for each drawing certifying it is a real genuine Bela de Kristo work. Most of Bela de Kristo paintings are auctionned or proposed for a 4000eur / 10000eur price range.

Drawing on tracer paper.

Drawing is 23cm x 31cm

Bio information here : Bela de Kristo