Manolo Hugue. Maternitad. 1935. Bronze sculpture.

Manolo Hugue. (1872-1945)


Patinated bronze. Signed to the bronze.
Wonderful patina.
29cm high. 16cm width.
Circa 1935.

Manolo Huge is important spanish/catalan sculptor of early 1900's. Friend of Picasso.

Same sculpture in National Museum of Catalan Art in Barcelona.

Illustrated in
"un segle d'escultura catalana" MEAM Museu Europeu d'Art Modern, Barcelona.
Page 177 (collection of Fundacion Eduardo Capa, Madrid)

Born in Barcelona, ​​Manolo joined Picasso in Paris in 1900. For ten years, the sculptor lived in bohemia, met other artists (Apollinaire, Max Jacob, Léon-Paul Fargue) and visited the capital's museums. From 1910, thanks to the support of D.-H. Kahnweiler, his dealer, achieved success: he exhibited at the Armory Show in 1913 in New York then in Germany and Paris. Subsequently, he regularly presented his works in the United States, Spain and France. In 1932, France celebrated its celebration and received a major exhibition at the Grand Palais. As with the bullfighters or the gypsies, motherhood constitutes one of the recurring subjects of Manolo's work: Mother and son (1929), Motherhood with a kiss (1929), Motherhood (1938), Motherhood with a bunch of grapes ( 1940). ). Manolo uses each occurrence of the theme to explore a new plastic solution.

Pieces of Manolo Hugue are in these museums :

Barcelone, Musée national d'art de Catalogne
Belfort ; musée d'art moderne
Caldes de Montbui : Thermalia, musée de Caldes de Montbui,
Céret : musée d'art moderne de Céret
Dijon, musée des beaux-arts
Folgueroles, Maison musée Jacint-Verdaguer
Granville, musée Richard Anacréon
Grenoble, musée de Grenoble
Mollet del Vallès, Musée Abelló
Perpignan, musée Hyacinthe-Rigaud :
Sabadell, Musée d'art ; Fondation Banque de Sabadell
Sitges, Museo Cau Ferrat