Auguste Leymarie. "Elegante ladies in a café" oil on canvas

Auguste Louis Leymarie (1880-1958)

"Elegante ladies in a café"
Oil on canvas.
Excellent condition.
Signed and dated (1908) lower left corner.

Painting only is 33cm 41cm
Frame is 48cm 56cm

Auguste Louis Leymarie, painter and illustrator from the beginning of the 20th century, became famous for his film posters from the first productions of silent cinema. (especially for Charlie Chaplin films). We find in this oil on canvas all the atmosphere of the beginning of the century where elegant women frequented the cafés of Paris. All the talent of the painter is here, to give liveliness to a scene which a priori wants to be static. We can even perceive the head movements of the characters. The lighting is also very well appreciated. The treatment of the reflections of the chandeliers in the mirror in the background is masterful.
As is often the case with pictorial works, the quality of my photos does not do justice to the finesse and colors of this work, which is much more striking in reality.
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