Outstanding Avant garde wood armchair - De Stijl

Outstanding Avant garde wood armchair

From my personnal collection here is an outstanding armchair I bought in a Netherlands in a small second hand shop.
I will provide the picture in front of the shop to buyer, if any interest.
This provenance is very interesting, as of course, this armchair is very close to Guerrit RIETVIELD works.
Built with natural wood structure and crate wood boards, the construction is very similar to RIETVIELD production.
I have made few reseaches but cannot find this chair in any books about RIETVIELD. But his early works in his father workshop and after, in his own atelier are not well known nor published.
This armchair is obviously very old and not built by an amateur. Details you can see on pictures show that. (tenon mortise system, grooving).
Deeply influenced by De Stijl movement, this piece, in the same trend of "Red and Blue Chair" is for sure a fantastic question tag and would need more researches. In 2021, Christies auctioned a 1919 verion of "Red and Blue Chair" for 300 000 eur.

Circa 1920.

Shipping 150eur EU.
450eur USA.