#1 Eggshell cigarettes case. Dunhill. Red lacquer.

From a private collection of eggshell art deco collectibles.

A Dunhill London sterling and gilded, red lacquer, eggshell inlaid cigarettes case.
A similar one reached 5250usd in 2010 in Christies New York. (see pictures below)

81mm 95mm

These Eggshell cases are very hard to find. Most often you can find on the marked lacquered or painted metal cases. But rarely with eggshell inlaids.
Eggshell collectible were in the 1930's very desirable luxury items. Most famous makers were Jean Dunand, Paul Brand or Gerard Sandoz.
Very often cases made by famous eggshell and lacquer artists were not signed (sometimes on the market with apocryphal signature) . Only the metal maker is clearly identifiable.
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