Affortunato GORY oriental dancer bronze and ivory

Affortunato Gory (Sometimes Gori)

An Oriental Dancer
signed on the base
ivory and gilt bronze
Exceptional condition and gilding. Stunning quality of chasing.

height: 47.5cm
Circa 1920.

There is a larger version of this sculpture but ivory is replaced by marble. This is the tallest Chryselephantine version.

This lively dancer is the best-known of Affortunato Gory's figures. A practitioner of chryselephantine sculpture, Gory reveled in the contrasts of different materials, brought together to add vibrancy to his subject. The vogue for Oriental dances was at its height in the first part of the 20th century. It has been suggested that Gory's figure may have been inspired by the internationally famous dancer Maud Allan in her role as Oscar Wilde's Salome, originally performed in 1906. The costume, which the dancer designed herself, is certainly closely comparable.

The Florentine Affortunato Gory was a pupil of Augusto Rivalta. Whilst few details of his life are known, his work appears to have had a wide following. He exhibited a number of times at the Paris Salon between 1904 to 1923.
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