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Emile Fouquet Paris Sacre Coeur large oil on canvas

Emile Fouquet.
Large art deco era oil painting on canvas.
Paris "Sacre Coeur" church to the rear of Parisian houses roofs and facades.

A sticker on back of painting : " Fouquet (Emile) peintre figure aux indépendants depuis 1935 avec des paysages"
(Fouquet Emil, painter, exhibits to "the Independants" since 1935 with landscapes painting).

The Indépendants is an important Parisian Artist salon. I have made few researches and found a 1937 "Salon des Indépendants " catalog with Emile Fouquet name as exhibitor. Please see pictures below.

Large size painting : 81cm x 100cm without frame. 100cm x 120cm with frame.
REFERENCE: fouquet1005