Jean Magrou impressive Hercules and panther bronze group.

Jean Magrou (1869-1945)

Hercules and the panther.
Impressive 30" art deco bronze sculpture by famous french sculptor Jean Magrou.
Wonderful green patina. Excellent condition.
Signed in the bronze. Inscribed "Bronze Veritable". Editor mark on the marble base : "Reveyrolis Paris" (was also Dh. Chiparus editor).
L.77cm l.16cm h.34cm.

Born in a family of artists (his father is a lithographer), Jean Magrou studied at the Lycée Henri IV in Béziers (France)where he distinguished himself in the study of Greek and Latin, and was passionate about mythology.

Wishing to become a sculptor, he enrolled at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris where he was admitted to the workshops of Gabriel Thomas (1824-1905) and Jean-Antoine Injalbert (1845-1933). He competes successfully for the Prix de Rome. As a young groom, he decides not to go and stay at the Villa Medici. it is thus "second prize of Rome". He exhibited at the Salon of French artists from 1893 and obtained a 3rd class medal in 1895.

He moved to Paris and married in 1898 Jeanne Rixens, niece of the painter Jean-André Rixens (1846-1925).

Professor of modeling and drawing at the Sorbonne, he participated in 1907 in the teaching cooperative created by Marie Curie. Jean Magrou is buried in the Old Cemetery of Béziers.
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