Raffaele Monti pre-art nouveau symbolist bronze sculpture

Raffaele MONTI (1818-1881)

Not art deco but foreshadowing art nouveau and symbolism bronze figure of a woman.
Signe R. Monti to the bronze.
Excellent condition and genuine patina. Italian foundry.
One of the rare bronze figure of this artist mostly working on stone/marble.
Circa 1850/1880
36cm high.

Raffaele Monti (Milan 1818–1881) was an Italian sculptor, author and poet.

Born in Milan or Iseo, he studied under his father, the noted sculptor Gaetano Matteo Monti, in the Imperial Academy. At the age of only 20, he was invited to Vienna where he received extensive patronage; he returned to Milan after two years.

In 1846, Monti travelled to England for the year and later settled there. Monti exhibited at the Royal Academy, and soon earned recognition as a leading sculptor with his piece for the 6th Duke of Devonshire, the "Veiled Vestal", a figure with illusionistic veil, a specialism of his. A bust based on this work and cast in Parian porcelain by Copeland, entitled "The Bride" but often known as "The Veiled Bride", was issued[clarification needed] in 1861 by the Crystal Palace Art Union. This became one of the most popular Parian busts ever produced.

Monti produced sculptures in marble, but also created in metals and porcelain, while remaining active in the applied arts.
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