Jean Verschneider. Bronze Dancer with Bear Cub

Jean VERSCHNEIDER (1872-1943)

Danseuse à l'ourson (Dancer with Bear Cub)

Large bronze sculpture with brown patina
Antique edition cast. Signed in the bronze.
Circa 1920

53cm high.

Other Verschneider works illustrated in Catley "Art Deco and Other Figures" p327 p328

J Verschneider was a pupil of the sculptors Jacques Perrin and Jean-Antoine Injalbert . He exhibited at the Société des Artistes Français in Paris and became a member of the company in 1908. In 1909 he received a mention honorable .
Arthur Goldscheider showed his bronze sculptures in the style of the Art Déco titled Le Saut and Le leçon at the Salon of 1923. Verschneider was a member of the Goldscheider company in 1925 and belonged to the artist groups La Stèle and L'Evolution, founded by Goldscheider.
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