Leonardo Lustig 5 bronze sculptures collection

Leonardo Lustig (1969 Italy)
A collection of 5 bronze sculpture by Leonardo Lustig.
I usually do not propose on my website sculptures that are not 1930's.
But I have recently had the opportunity to purchase this fantastic collection of 5 bronze sculptures by Leonardo Lustig. These sculpture are 1990's.
Leonardo Lustig is whith no doubt a significant XXth century sculptor. His inspiration between art deco and ancient art brings me to compare him to the best XXth century sculptors like Artistide Maillol or Paul Belmondo. Very few sculptures on the market. One auctioned in Italy in 2007. I don't know the result but estimate was 2500e/3500e
At this point, I prefer to sell 5 sculptures together.
Website price is for 5 sculptures.

Sculpture A :
32cm width. Signed. Dated 96
Sculpture B :
40cm high. Signed. Dated 96. Numbered 6/9
Sculpture C :
66.5cm high. Signed. Dated 90. Numbered 1/9
Sculpture D :
32.5cm width. Signed. Dated 99. Numbered 3/9
Sculpture E :
28.5cm high. Signed Dated 2000. Numbered 3/9

Many information about Leonardo Lustig here : http://www.leonardolustig.it

Buyer will received a book (in Italian, English and German) about the artist. 175p.