1920 Life size art deco wood sculpture. St Moritz hotel

A 1920's art deco life size wood sculpture.
1.73 meter (5ft. 8in.)

I have recently bought this impressive sculpture in Switzerland and previous owner claimed that it was in a St Moritz hotel Lobby entrance in the 1920's.
In my opinion, this is very plausible.
This sculpture is high end quality, carved by hand by true artist. (several hypothesis on that point, please read after). I really think this sculpture was made to order for public place.
Condition is really excellent. It was probably displayed during short period and after remitted in a storage. As result, condition is fantastic with nothing wrong. Just a stunning patina.
Sculpture is made of several wood pieces incredibly assembled with dowels. Non only a piece of art it is also strong example of high level cabinetmaking.
Wood seems to be pine wood or beech. (more probably).

This sculpture is not signed but searching my books, web databases, and considering provenance, I have several hypothesis that always point on Russian, Swiss and more probably German artists.
Fritz KLIMSCH, Bretislav BENDA, Hans HUGGLER-WYSS , Josef ENSELING, Jaroslav Horejc, Herbert Vladimir Meyerowitz, Jacob Wilhelm FEHRLE

Sculpture is 1.73cm high.
Even if size is impressive, weight is rather light. (hollow wood). Can be handled alone.
REFERENCE: stmoritz
on hold 02 2019 (NZ)
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