C.A.B (Bordeaux) For PRIMAVERA large ball vase.

From important aesthete collection all the pieces have been purchases at international auction houses in France and UK.

CAB (Ceramique d'Art de Bordeaux) for Primavera "ateliers du printemps"
(unmarked "primavera" but these green crackled ceramic pieces were marketed by Le Printemps).
Rare very large vase.
Circa 1920.

28cm high. 28cm width


The first of its kind, the Atelier Primavera was created in 1912 by two supporters of the introduction of modernity in decorative arts, Pierre Laguionie, young manager of Le Printemps, and René Guilleré, lawyer and founder of the Société des Artistes décorateurs.
Its role of initiator and disseminator was particularly significant in the domain of accessories (carpets, furnishing materials, wallpaper) which, thanks to mail orders, were distributed throughout France and, moreover, with the bibelots, mainly in ceramic, which rapidly became a speciality of the Atelier.
REFERENCE: cab1902
sold 02 2021 (EU)
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