Claire Colinet - Chryselephantine Egyptian Dancer

Egyptian Dancer
An important Claire Jean Roberte Colinet (1880-1950) art deco figure.
Wood and Ivory. 46cm high. 35cm width.

Usually on the market made of bronze and ivory, this figure is one of the rare wood and ivory edition. Another similar figure, was auctioned in switzerland for 24000eur (Lot 1662 - A139 Art Deco & Art Nouveau - Monday, 04. December 2006). With the one I propose, these 2 pieces are the only known to exist. I have made researches about these wood and ivory figures that are so uncommon on the market and also found a Paul Philippe "Russian Dancer" large version auctioned in 2009 for 18000eur. (See picture below). I found other figures by Théophile Somme, Affortunato Gori and Lucienne Euvelmans, using wood and Ivory. Once again these sculptures are extremely rare. More fragile than bronze probably most of them were destroyed.

Our Egyptian Dancer is in excellent condition. Wood is perfect with wonderful patina and added jewels, metal and stone. The scarab on the base is metal. All colors are original to the piece. The top of the dress is gilded metal with mounted stones and cold painted patina. Ivory is excellent condition. There is a crack on foot you can see on pictures but it is really strong. There is a ring on one hand finger that I am not sure to be original. Perhaps hiding a crack in finger. Otherwise, ivory shows normal veins here and there due to age. All are visible in my pictures.

A rare find we will probably not see soon on market.

On his request,  figure has been photographed and pictures given to Alberto Shayo, who is working on the new edition of his book STATUETTES OF THE ART DECO PERIOD.
Alberto Shayo is an author of many reference books about Art Deco Sculptures, including, Ferdinand Preiss, Chiparus, Roland Paris.
His first edition of STATUETTES OF THE ART DECO PERIOD is delightfull ... we are waiting for the second volume !!

REFERENCE: col3007
sold 09 2020 (RU)
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