Frans Regoudt (1906-1977) Art deco portrait

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Frans Regoudt (1906-1977)

Portrait of a lady.

Oil on canvas.
Signed. Dated 1929.
48cm 66cm

Frans Regoudt ( Blankenberge , July 6, 1906 - Palma de Mallorca , April 15, 1977 ) was a Flemish painter of landscapes, marines and portraits. He was married to Yvonne Claessens.

Regoudt's parents had a hotel in Blankenberge. He himself was not interested in following in their footsteps. In 1925 he obtained the teacher certificate (the diploma of teacher) at the Rijksnormaalschool in Blankenberge He now had many contacts with the Blankenberg landscape and navy painter Gadeyne ( 1857 - 1936 ), who taught him the basic concepts of painting. Regoudt studied painting at the Ghent Academy.

In 1929 he became an art teacher at the Royal Atheneum 1 Centrum Oostende , succeeding Auguste Distave . He smoothly integrated into the Ostend artistic environment of the time and occasionally exhibited in the Galerie Studio: individual exhibitions in February 1934 , March 1935 and February 1936 . In Ostend he soon became a much sought-after portraitist who was able to paint fashionable, flattering portraits.

In 1941 he escaped to America where he also became a successful portraitist in New York . He painted, among others, Herbert Hoover (former President of the United States ) and Thomas Curran , Secretary of the State of New York. He taught there for three years at the Academy of Allied Arts and also held exhibitions there.

After the war he returned to Ostend. In 1949 he was appointed as an inspector of art education. Every year he held a modest individual exhibition in a Blankenberg gallery. Around 1954 he lived at 13 Heilig Hartplein in Ostend. Later he had an art gallery “De Kwinte” at Vlaanderenstraat 35. There was also his studio. That was later put into use by the marine painter Roger Cools. After his retirement in 1965 , Regoudt often stayed in sunny Mallorca , where he died twelve years later.

Influences :

Regoudt went through post- impressionism , expressionism , the new objectivity , the non-figurative and the surrealism that was previously magical realism . In his paintings he was mainly inspired by the sea, the city and the village. There are also many nudes and portraits. The young Gella Allaert , the later well-known actress, were among the portrayed .

  • Before the Second World War, he provided the cover design for the program booklets of the Ostend amateur theater company "Hendrik Consciences Vrienden".

  • In Blankenberge a street is named after him (Frans Regoudthelling).

Museums and Public Collections edit edit source text ]

  • Blankenberge , Municipal Collection: "Self-Portrait" ( 1926 ), "Ships in the Harbor" ( 1929 ), "Self-Portrait", "Shored Buildings" ( 1964 ), "Chimney", "Beach View", "Sunset", "Sail", "Strandzetel" and "De Strandzoekers".

  • Ostend , Mu.ZEE ( Kunstmuseum aan Zee ) (formerly in the Museum of Fine Arts Ostend ): "Marine" and "Toren van Lissewege".

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