Iconic Luc Lanel for Christofle dinanderie vase

Very famous and iconic Luc Lanel for Christofle vase.
26cm high.
Excellent condition. 1925

Ref. LANEL LUC & MARJOLAINE, Dominique Forest, Norma Edition, 2005
Page 42 . Cover of Christofle Catalog 1925 with our vase.
Page 44.45. 1925 Christofle Catalog illustration.
Page 52. Christofle Archives. A 1925 photo of our vase.

Luc Lanel (1893-1965) joined Christofle company in 1920 as head of the electroplating department. At the same time he launched a line of Dinanderie. His early works, that were presented at the International Exhibition of 1925, contributet to the reputation of the house. Appointed artistic director, he created during a quarter of century, not only usual goldsmith items but also stunning pieces for palaces of the transatlantic liners.
REFERENCE: lan0210
sold 10 2019 (RU)
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