Jules Lentrein painting

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Impressive 1920's Jules Lentrein large painting of a very elegant woman. Couture dress and fine jewellery. No doubt somebody important. Russian princess ?

Stunning genuine art deco painting for high level deco. Was in bad condition when I bought it and now is professionally restored. (Back of linen shows areas where restorer did repairs).

Bio : Born in Schaerbeek in 1875 died in 1943, Jules Lentrein was student at Bruxelles belgium academy of art. He became oil painter, watercolor painter. Did 1898 contest for Rome Award His work was published in Album du Cercle "l'Effort" in 1918 Exhibited in "Exposition de la Lithographie belge contemporaine" in Bruxelles in 1931.


30 june 2011.  Message received :
"Dear M. Cabanettes, I just wanted to agree with you regarding the Jules Lentrein painting. It is, more than likely, a Russian woman. The clues are in the dress. All the trimming and decoration is fur and large pearls. That is typically Russian. She may have been one of the many Russian aristocracy who fled the revolution and came to Paris. Cheers"
Stephan. California / USA.


30 june 2011. Message received :

"Jean ! c'est Irina Alexandrovna de Russie. Vous devriez faire des recherches !"
Pierre A. Paris / France


I have just added pictures of Alexandrovna of Russia... striking sesemblance...
It seems that first hypotesis of Russian princess was the right one ! We are now with historical painting !

I will try to make other searches. Maybe we will now find provenance !



Princess Irina Alexandrovna of Russia (Russian: Княжна Ирина Александровна Романова) (15 July (OS: 3 July), 1895, Peterhof, Russia – 26 February 1970, Paris, France) was the only daughter of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich of Russia and Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia. She was also the only niece of Tsar Nicholas II, and the wife of the wealthy Prince Felix Yussupov, one of the men who murdered the starets Grigori Rasputin in 1916.

More details about Alexandrovna or Russia here :


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