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L. Orengo pre futurist cubist bronze sculpture

Don Quixotte

Luigi Orengo (Italian - 1865 -1940)
An important pre-futurist cubist bronze sculpture.
Lost wax.
Signed monogram L.O.
Original portoro marble base with brass plate "Luigi Orengo, Genova 1865".
1865 is birth date. As there is no date of death we can deduct that this bronze was made during the lifetime of the artist.
I would say circa 1900/1910.

45cm x 14cm x 60cm high

A stunning piece that clearly prefigures cubism in Europ and more precisely futurism movement in Italy. (1909-1920)
I invite you to discover the details on bronze like :
- Rocinante (horse name) ribs
- Metal plates riveted on the horse thigh and ankle
- 2 very different possible views of the sculpture. On side is really pre futurist with something very mechanical.
The other side is made in a post impressionist treatment with large wax fragments and quick work .
- Several points of view for Don Quixotte face. A least 3.

A museum piece. Probably unique.

Info about Luigi Orengo :

Google automatic translation : same in english

Info about italian Futurism :

Short bio.... but many more info on the web :

Luigi Orengo, Lorenzo Orengo’s son and pupil, he studied at the “Accademia Ligustica”, where he attended not only the courses held by his father but also the ones held by Giovanni Scanzi. He has made a lot of portraits, funeral works and public monuments, which are not only in Genoa and in Italy but also in Belgium, Romania and Chile.

sold 03 2017 (USA)
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