Tall art deco dinanderie vase. Ghanu GANTCHEFF. Russian.

Ghanu GANTCHEFF (Russian . French., ??-d1950)

A rare dinanderie vase.
Good condition. Circa 1920. Signed.
27cm high. 18cm width.

Few info about Gantcheff. Russian artist emigrated in France at the beginning of last century he was sculptor. Sometimes dinanderie pieces appear on the market. Gantcheff was producing his dinanderie vases for Galerie Evolution with Paul Louis Mergier and Anthouard and also for Goldsheider edition.
A vase illustrated in "La Dinanderie Francaise 1900-1950" Dominique Forest, Marie-Cecile Forest, page 40.
REFERENCE: gan1405
sold 05 2021 (USA)
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