Karel Van Belle. Large art deco oil on canvas. A Lady in Autumn

Karel VAN BELLE (1884-1959)

Lady in Autumn with a yellow dress.
Large oil on canvas. Framed.
Excellent condition.
80cm 100cm
(88cm 108cm with frame).

Karel Van Belle was born in Gent, Belgium in 1884. He studied with Jean-Josef Delvin and Louis Tytgat at the Academie des Beaux Arts de Gent. Karel Van Belle painted genre scenes and nudes with poetic compositions that often glorified feminine beauty. He is best known for Painting ethereal and mysterious subjects in a symbolist style. Karel Van Belle was also a watercolorist in addition to working on oils. In 1913 he received third place in painting in Prix de Rome competition. Museums in Gent and Tournai have collected Van Belle's work.

Biography from the excellent book : "Figurative Paintings - Paris and the Modern Spirit" by Martin Wolpert & Jeffrey Winter. (Shiffer Book ISBN 0764324624).
In this book 2 pages are dedicated to this artist with 4 pictured paintings.
REFERENCE: van2505