Claire Colinet. Unique set of original sculptures and documents

An important Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet set of plaster master sculptures and documents.

Provenance : Artist familly.  

These sculpture are the original pieces that were probably used by foundries to get molds for bronze editions. They are all signed by Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet.

1/ Ankara Dancer.
Impressive 63cm high.
The Iconic Claire Colinet sculpture.
Ref. Brian Catley Art Deco and Other Figures. Page 122 for bronze edition

2/ Juggler
36cm high
Ref. Brian Catley Art Deco and Other Figures. Page 119 for bronze edition

3/ Dancer
49cm width 59cm high.
ref. Christie's , 26 Oct 1998, London, United Kingdom, LES ANNEES FOLLES - AN IMPORTANT PRIVATE COLLECTION OF ART DECO SCULPTURE. Lot number 79. A bronze edition Illustrated on page 66 of the catalog

4/ A large medal with a lady face.
Probably unique.
Wood framed. Self portrait ?


- 7 postcards with handwritten correspondence by Claire Colinet.
(Comments about Picasso in one of them).
Each postcard is a Claire Colinet sculpture picture.

-4 similar others postcards unwritten

- A booklet (Turkish) offered and autographed to Claire Colinet by a Turkish government dignitary.
We can imagine that this booklet was offered for the sculpture of turkish Ankara Dancer...

- A very high quality drawing signed JARNACH or JARMACH of Claire Colinet in her workshop.


As probably used for foundry purpose, the plaster are not in excellent condition.
Plaster pieces are very easy to restore but at this point we have profered to keep them as is.
If you are interested in getting them restored, we can help.
The Ankara dancer is in good condition with damages and loss on both hands. The ball dancer shows damages to leg. For the Dancer, one arm is missing. The large medal is fine. All documents are excellent condition.


Due to homogeneity of this set, we prefer to sell full lot. A plaster sculpture of a man by Claire Colinet was sold in 2014 at Sothebys. It was from MUSEUM EUROPEU D'ART MODERN, BARCELONA. Hammer price was 7500GBP. About 10000eur with premium. I don't think other plaster master models were auctionned in the past.
For 4 sculptures + drawing + documents, price is 14500eur.

REFERENCE: col3105