Fanny Rozet bronze egyptian dancer figural mirror. 61cm !

Fanny ROZET. (1881-1958)

A very elegant bronze Egyptian dancer with scarf figural mirror.
Bronze in excellent condition. Mirror (that is original to the figure) shows some wear on silver. (easy to replace... but keep the original one somewhere please ! Precious !)
Marble base.
Signed in the cast.
Circa 1930.

61cm high. 30cm width.

Fanny Rozet.
French sculptor; Born in 1881.
Fanny Rozet was a member of the Union of Women Painters and Sculptors. The association then asks for women's access to the École des beaux-arts de Paris, which is reserved only for male artists. In 1896, she was the first female sculptor to be accepted into the School. There she became a student of the sculptor Laurent Marqueste. This one will be one of his witnesses at the time of the marriage of Fanny in 1916 with Albert Philippe. Her competition for the award of the Prix de Rome in 1905 as a woman did not go beyond a "preparatory examination".

From 1904, the artist exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris. That same year, she received an honorable mention. In 1924, she received a bronze medal, in 1923 another honorable mention and in 1926, a silver medal for the applied arts. Rozet was a member of the Society of French Artists5.

Fanny Rozet worked with materials such as bronze, ivory, terracotta, ceramics, plaster and wood. His works, including sculptures, decorative objects and lamps in the Art Deco style have been edited and marketed by art publishers Arthur Goldscheider, Susse Frères, Eyffinger and Marquet, Edmond Etling and Les Neveux de Jules Lehmann.