A rare cubist art deco Pierre Davesn lamp

Pierre Davesn

Rare cubist glass lamp. Circa 1930.
Perfect condition.
40cm high.
21cm diameter.

Pierre Gire, aka Pierre d'Avesn, was born in 1901. In the beginning, at 14 years old, he worked at Rene Lalique's. For 10 years.
During this period, he designed Lalique's famous "Serpent" vase as well as the "Tourbillons" vase, two of the most highly priced and extremely collectable pieces by "Lalique".
In 1926, he left René Lalique and created his own models. His pieces were made by Cristallerie de Saint-Rémy.
In 1930, Daum Freres asked him to take the artistic direction of their molded glass department in their glassworks in Croismare. What he did until the famous strikes in 1936.
In 1937, he took the management of Verlys. Until the world war I in 1940.
From 1940, he worked on his own. His pieces were made by Cristallerie de Choisy-le-Roi (Sèvres). Surely, the most important French glass worker for the molded glass Art pieces with René Lalique and Sabino.
The pieces made by Pierre d'AVESN are increasingly sought after due to quality of design and fabrication.
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