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Art deco egyptian revival large sign

A large nickel plated bronze sign for the egyptian bank "Land Bank of Egypt" (Banque foncière d'Egypte)
I have bought this sign in France, Paris, and I assume this was used for French branch of that bank in Paris.
It was probably displayed on the head building. The sign was very dirty and oxydised when I bought it. But nickel on bronze did the job to protect metal and with serious cleaning job we have been able to recover almost original condition. Pictures of the piece when I bought it, before cleaning, will be provided to buyer.
Created in 1920, the bank still exists (MISR Bank) and still use this logo on official documents.
Impressive size (and weight !) 72cm high 55cm width
Circa 1920.
Few wear on nickel coating.
sold 06 2017 (USA)
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