Circa 1935 Cartier art deco clock. Bronze, lacquer, Lapis Lazuli

A highly desirable bronze, lacquer and lapis lazuli Cartier clock with original case.
Circa 1935.
Circular dial with Arabic numerals radium-painted hands.
To be serviced. Case did the job to protect the clock and shows wear and restauration.
Clock itself in perfect condition.
(See O. Bachet & A. Cartier, Cartier Exceptional Objects, Éditions Palais Royal, 2019, book II, p. 219 for a very similar clock)
A very similar clock auctioned at christies for 30000euros in 2020.... 40000euros with fees.
Clock is 10cm 3.2cm 10.4cm
Case is 14cm 7cm 13cm