Eugene BOURGOUIN bronze sculpture. The Poet. ( Susse foundry )


"The Poet"

Silver plated bronze sculpture on marble base.
Signed to the bronze. Lost wax mark. Foundry mark (Susse). Foundry stamp.
French. Circa 1920.
Excellent condition.

38.5cm high. 17.5cm width.

Eugène Bourgouin participates in the restoration project of the cathedral of Reims. In 1898, he was introduced to the studio of Louis-Ernest Barrias where he met great masters of painting and architecture. He entered the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1901, then the School of Fine Arts.

Member of the National Society of Fine Arts, he is the author of projects for goldsmith work, including the crown of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre. He creates statues, busts, religious objects, medals, objects for the Luxembourg museum, Sèvres or the Galliera palace.

He takes care of decorative monuments such as the war memorials, that of the Stanislas College in Paris, of the city of Salins, of Cocumont, of Warmeriville, of Lamarque, in Reims at the cemetery of the South, that of Martinique.